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READ THE PROJECT FILE / TAKE A PART  Carlow’s Let Loose Arts Festival



Let Loose




 Arts Festival  | Carlow Visual Arts and Printmaking |  Aoife Barrett 

Year | 2019 | 

Summary |

As part of Carlow’s ‘Let Loose’ children’s festival, Print Van Go ran a day of drop-in printmaking workshops encouraging ‘print play’.   Participants had the opportunity to learn how to use a variety of printmaking presses to make spontaneous, multi-layered printed artwork inspired by the colourful and abundant heritage of play.  There was also a variety of play-themed relief printing blocks for participants to choose from in order to create their own hand-printed designs and images to take home. 

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Image by : Ruby Wallis

Gallery | *click on thumbnails to view a full image with description or slight to the right for a quick preview



Light Relief

Pop-Up Printmaking Station |  Aoife Barrett, Charlotte Biszweski, Bridget Alexander, Jocelyn Wellby

Year | 2016 

Summary |
The start of the print on wheels journey: ‘Light Relief’ is a pop-up printmaking station made out of an old set of drawers. Kitted out with wheels, a handle, side table, stool and a beach umbrella, Light Relief allowed us to take the simple joys of printmaking out of the studio and onto the streets of Bristol.   Printmaking is an exciting and accessible language that should be and could be open to everyone.  With this pop-up printmaking station we invited passers by to take a seat and produce a self portrait using different shaped linocut stamps and ink pads.  This project was all about activating public engagement by providing this no expectations space where anyone could come along and make a print.  The aim of Light Relief was to give people the opportunity and creative tools to try something new and express themselves while encouraging the engagement process that happens while making something together.  


Gallery | *click on thumbnails to view a full image with description or slight to the right for a quick preview

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