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Print Van Go covers a vast array of techniques and processes from the humble potato print to cyanotypes and screenprinting. Printmaking can be anything that is made in a reproducible format or something that is made on one surface and transferred to another. It offers unique possibilities to create images and art that cannot be achieved in other ways.


The travelling print studio has enabled us to work on numerous creative projects in different community and health care settings, in cities, towns and villages, enabling the exchange of stories and experiences of others. 


We have an array of mobile printing presses and equipment that can be used in any space and by anyone. This includes a ‘printcase’-a DIY printmaking kit, complete with a pasta-maker printing press and DIY printmaking workshops.   


Print Van Go is driven by inclusivity, the value of sharing and the enjoyment of collaborative-creation and the communities bonded by this process. Our aim is to create and inspire diverse and welcoming creative environments for everyone.


 restoration and equipment  |  journey by: |  Aoife Barrett 

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